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How to Increase Organic Traffic

How to Increase Organic Traffic: 6 Handy Blogging Tips

Nowadays, companies, brands, and even individuals are expected to have an optimized Internet presence. Whether a business creates a blog as part of a marketing initiative or an individual uses blogging to promote a personal brand, having a blog that draws organic traffic has become an important aspect of creating a successful online presence. Though […]

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Music at work

When Should You Listen to Music at Work?

Everything You Need to Know about Music and Productivity Lots of workers rely on music to get through the workday. Whether they’re headbanging to Metallica, grooving along to Arcade Fire, or report writing to the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, these employees insist that listening to music can increase their productivity. How much truth is […]

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How to Screw Up a Blog Post

How to Screw Up a Blog Post (In 7 Easy Steps!)

Hey, it’s a jungle out there. There’s a blog for everything. Food photography, travel blogs, political rant pages, corporate musings, fan page free-for-alls . . . you name it. With all that competition, who wants to stand out and create an engaging, creative blog that actually adds value to the Internet? Not you. Quality work […]

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Millennial Falcon

How to Speak Millennial: 9 Best Practices to Follow When Writing for Millennials

Haters gonna hate . . . Many an article has been penned (or, for the comment-lurking nitpickers, typed) about the failings of the Millennial generation. Why, they’re online addicts with short attention spans! They’re narcissistic, materialistic, unrealistic twerps who don’t understand what it means to get a real job! They’ve forgotten how to maintain interpersonal […]

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How to Alienate Your Blog Audience

10 Ways to Alienate Your Blog Audience

There’s a lot of great information out there about how to engage your audience. I’m sure you’ve read all the guides on how to avoid common blogging mistakes, but those guides have one big problem in common: they all assume that you want to avoid those blogging mistakes. All these experts think you and everyone […]

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