Unlocking the Art of Fiction Writing

Title: Unlocking the Art of Fiction Writing
Published by: Inklyo

You want to write great fiction, but your stories keep handing you your hat and slamming the door in your face. Not even a peck on the cheek or a doggie bag of leftover pastries with the icing starting to melt. Have you tried knocking on that door? Hitting it with large tree branches or plastic garbage cans? Shouting? It’s a sturdy door. You can’t break it down. It has eight locks, and the doorbell is broken. If you really want in (and it’s getting cold outside . . . do you feel that breeze picking up?), you need some keys. Unlocking the Art of Fiction provides eight keys, one for each of those locks. Whether you need help coming up with winning ideas, chaining up the bogeyman that is writer’s block, understanding the tools of the trade, or finding your own voice and style, this book has the right key for you.

Unlock the door. Step inside. There’s a story in this house, and it’s your story. It’s waiting for you. And it has a plate of fresh pastries.

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