Crafting the Perfect Resume Cover Letter

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Write the cover letter you need to land your dream job.

How to Write a Cover Letter

As a companion course to our popular How to Write a Resume course and ebook, this cover letter course provides a step-by-step guide for writing a great cover letter that is ready for the competitive job market. With cover letter examples and a quick and easy template to show you the proper format and structure of a professional and comprehensive cover letter, you’ll be able to determine and meet the job requirements of any given job. A number of proven cover letter tips will make it easy to craft a stand-out letter that is targeted and effective.

This online cover letter writing course includes:

  • A Conclusive Guide: Build a cover letter step-by-step, from your contact information to your sign-off.
  • Cover Letter Template and Examples: Nail the proper cover letter structure every time using one of our examples or our cover letter template.
  • Immediate Online Access: Click your way to a fully finished cover letter that meets all the necessary requirements of your prospective job.
  • Learn Whenever, Wherever: Work at your own pace to craft the perfect cover letter.
  • Cover Letter Examples: Avoid mistakes commonly seen in cover letters, and discover what makes a cover letter stand out.

Do you want that job? Your cover letter could make all the difference!

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