How to Write a Formal Letter

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Compose business letters and emails to correspond formally and professionally.

A hand writing a formal letter.As a companion to our popular ebook, How to Write a Letter, this letter writing course will guide you in creating formal and professional letters and emails that show you mean business. With letter templates geared to suit many different aims and outcomes, this course will help you craft correctly structured letters and emails ready for professional use in no time at all. Further, the examples provided will ensure that your letter suits your intended purpose, whatever it may be, and uses the appropriate tone to communicate your message effectively.

This online letter writing course includes:

  • A Comprehensive Guide: Quickly create letters for business and professional use.
  • Properly Structured Letter Templates: Use a preformatted template to create your letter with ease.
  • Instant Online Access: Click and receive information in a matter of seconds.
  • Work at Your Own Pace: Learn anywhere, any time.
  • Letter Examples: The included examples will help you ensure you’ve included all the necessary information.
  • Lifetime Access: Work at your own pace; come back to the course at any time!

Push the envelope and get ready to sign, seal, and deliver professional letters!

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