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Find Freelance Copy Editing Jobs

Freelance copy editing jobs

EditingCamp explains how to get freelance copy editing jobs with publishers

Freelance copy editing jobsIf you have recently qualified in an English language-related course at a university or if you have taken a training course like the one at EditingCamp, you are probably wondering what route to take to find freelance copy editing jobs. If you specifically want to get a job with a publishing house, then you will be narrowing your search and forging a specialization.


You need to hone your resume to make yourself appealing to potential employers and present a profile that suits freelance copy editing jobs, rather than a typical full-time copy editor. Freelancers work on shorter contracts than permanent employees, so you will be looking for work more frequently than your traditionally employed counterpart. Eventually, you will become accustomed to the job search process, but at first, it may be difficult to know what path to take. Once you have a resume to send out, try the following avenues to get freelance copy editing jobs.


Get to know other people in the industry. If you attended a university course, then keep in touch with your classmates. They will be getting their first jobs, and these old friends can be your spies, alerting you to short-term staffing needs that create freelance copy editing jobs. Join writing and editing groups on Facebook to get to know others in the industry, and “friend” people that have good professional experience. Join LinkedIn, and track down some of your new Facebook friends there. You can look through the contacts in those profiles and attempt to connect with more people. Through social media, you can build up a network of professional contacts that will help you locate freelance copy editing jobs.

Find publishers

It will take time to build a network. Research publishing companies that create freelance copy editing jobs. Focus your search on the types of freelance copy editing jobs you want to specialize in. If you particularly like working in an office, you should search for publishers within commuting distance of your home. If you hope to get home-based work, look for companies that talk about their content management platform. In all cases, your best way of searching is on the web. Almost every company has a website, and this site should give you contact details.

Get noticed

If you can afford the phone bill, try calling the company you want to work for. Emails are easy to ignore, and if the company’s website only gives a general inquiry email address, your resume is unlikely to get forwarded to the person in charge of freelance copy editing jobs. If you’re aiming for an office job, try to work the phone system to get through to the managing editor or the personnel department. Once you are able to talk to the right person, explain that you are specifically looking for freelance copy editing jobs and would like to have a meeting to outline your abilities. If you get an appointment, print your resume and take it with you. Even if the publishing company has no need for an editor at that moment, they might want to keep a list of potential freelancers in the area in case freelance copy editing jobs arise in the future.

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