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Finding Editing Jobs Online

A guide to finding editing jobs online.

A guide to finding editing jobs online

A guide to finding editing jobs online.Just as there are different types of editing, there are also different types of editors, editing jobs, and ways to find editing jobs. If you want to pursue editing as a career, you are no longer restricted to the traditional job-seeking methods; there are numerous online resources you can take advantage of in your quest to find employment. For example, look for job openings posted on company websites, search different employment websites, and connect with others in your field via online networking sites. Creating profiles on networking sites and connecting with everyone you know can prove very beneficial in your job search

Job search engines

Check out websites that specialize in providing information about job seeking, as these often provide good advice about the whole process. Job search engines have been hugely successful in bringing employees and employers together, and many job sites list employment opportunities according to industry and/or geographic location.

Job boards

There are quite a few job boards that specialize in writing and editing. You will want to check out the following sites when trying to find editing jobs online.

CAUTION: Many job search engines and job boards encourage people to upload their resumes and contact information, so job seekers looking for editing jobs online should exercise caution as doing so will mean that they have no control over who might be able to see and/or use this information.

Jobs and resources for freelance editors

If you are interested in finding freelance editing jobs online, check out the following websites for both job listings and more general resources for freelance editors.

Create your own website

If you are a freelancer looking for editing jobs online, consider creating your own website that features your qualifications, examples of your work, and client testimonials. You might also be able to find useful information or make connections via editing blogs. Here are a few blogs you might want to take a look at.


When looking for editing jobs online, also be sure to look at the web sites of relevant associations, including the following:

  • Editors’ Association of Canada
  • The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors
  • The Society for Editors and Proofreaders
  • The Editorial Freelancers Association
  • The American Copy Editors Society
  • The Association of Earth Science Editors
  • The Board of Editors in the Life Sciences
  • The Institute of Professional Editors Limited
  • The Northwest Independent Editors Guild
  • The Professional Editors Network
  • The Society of Editors
  • The Society of Professional Journalists
  • The Society for Technical Communication

Typically, you have to belong to associations such as these to view their job listings, but they can be invaluable resources. These kinds of associations often produce their own magazines—generally available online—such as the Society for Technical Communication’s Intercom and Technical Communication. Such sources not only provide industry news and information but often list employment opportunities as well.

Patience, patience, patience

Finding editing jobs online will no doubt require time, a lot of patience, and great persistence—but have no fear, your determination will eventually pay off. So scour all the job search engines, job boards, company web sites, niche job sites, social media sites, and professional networking sites you can in your mission to find editing jobs online. You never know where you might find editing jobs online. Just keep in mind that good editing jobs are worth the time and effort spent searching! And remember that in order to keep your dream editing job, you’ll need to have great editing skills. To brush up on your editing skills, try EditingCamp, the online editing course, today.