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Why Does Your Business Need a Newsletter Service? explains why email newsletters are still an essential part of web marketing for your business, and why you need a newsletter service. explains why email newsletters are still an essential part of web marketing for your business, and why you need a newsletter service.With the emergence of Web 2.0 and social media websites, it might seem like email is a thing of the past. Why bother putting so much effort into a newsletter that will barely be read by the public? What does your business have to gain?

Actually, there is quite a bit to gain from creating a weekly email newsletter (e-newsletter), even though email can seem like a prehistoric technology.

1. People still check their email

Although many young people use social media for their news, correspondence, and other networking activities, email still remains at the center of them all. Each one of these social media websites is connected to an email account that their users need to check regularly for business or work-related purposes, confirmation emails, and various other reasons. Many people still use email on a regular basis, so it’s important to make sure that your business is catering to that demographic.

2. It builds a relationship

Email is a great way to directly address your customers and build personal relationships with them. In an email, you can write directly to you customers and speak to them on a personal level so that they feel connected to your business.

3. It reminds customers that you’re still around

Sending a weekly update to your customers reminds them that your business is still operating and that there have been changes to your website. This sparks interest that may not have been there before. It also encourages the customer to check your website for the updates you referred to in your e-newsletter.

4. It automatically adds SEO content to your website

Even though the email newsletters you create will be delivered to your customers, a copy of each newsletter will be on your website. This adds content to your website, which is then used to increase your SEO. By adding more keywords to your website, you can increase your chances of appearing in keyword searches on major search engines.

5. It makes a big impact for a small cost

Unlike paper newsletters that need to be written, edited, printed, and delivered, e-newsletters do not require the latter two steps. Email cuts the cost of printing and delivery by electronically sending out your information through a mass medium. In addition, the delivery method is instantaneous, which means that all the necessary information can be sent out in a matter of seconds.

6. It links directly to your website

Hypertext linking to your website gives your business the opportunity to lead customers directly to it. Unlike paper flyers that require visiting your store in person, linking makes it easy for them to access your business instantly. Giving them the ability to access your website this easily encourages customers to visit the exact web pages you referred to in your e-newsletter.

7. Advertises to interested customers

By having a subscription list of potential customers, you are advertising your product or service to those who are already interested in engaging with your business. Prospective customers will agree to receive emails, and engaging with this audience will be more likely to yield results rather than only advertising to a general audience.

Although email might seem like a thing of the past, e-newsletters can still help your business thrive on the web.

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