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How to Choose an Online Proofreading Course

How to Choose an Online Proofreading Course

How to Choose an Online Proofreading CourseWith the onslaught of options in online proofreading courses that have recently emerged, you may have a hard time deciding which one is best for you. If you’re actively looking for a course, you’re probably just getting started with editing and proofreading—which makes choosing the right course a daunting and confusing task. Don’t get overwhelmed by the options! There are a few specific things you should look for when choosing an online proofreading course.


This may seem obvious now, but when you’re hunting through a huge list of courses, it may not occur to you. However, the credentials of the company offering the course should be the first thing you look for. Credentials come in the form of portfolios, client lists, and awards won by the company. If there’s a parent company for the online proofreading course, look into that as well. You should then choose which website looks like the best training course for your particular needs.

If a website doesn’t appear to have any sort of history or credentials, avoid taking an online proofreading course there. Anyone can open a site and pretend to have the expertise to run a course. Don’t get tricked into wasting your money on amateur sites.

Choose the type of course you require

You’ll want to pick the type of editing or proofreading you want to get into. You also need to pick what kind of training you need more of. If you’re looking for help with grammar, you’ll want to specifically look at an online proofreading course that addresses your weaknesses, as well as the area you want to enter. If you need an overall learning experience, you’ll want to find a course that is more general.

Read through the types of lessons the online proofreading course offers before paying for anything. You don’t want to end up taking a course that is beyond (or far below) your skill level.

An online proofreading course with assessments

You may remember the days in school where a test or exam was the biggest thing to fear. However, assessments are important in the learning process and in retaining knowledge. When you’re starting your career, you need to be sure you have the tools you need when you need them.

Assessments throughout the online proofreading course are important; also look for other methods and teaching tools that will help you learn the information, such as mini quizzes or games.

Preparation for the field

It’s not enough to just have the skills in the competitive market of editing and proofreading. When looking for proofreading jobs, you want to find an online proofreading course that will provide expert advice on the business. A good course will inform you about the options you have once you start your career. It’s not a good move to go into your career without knowing what to expect or the rates you should be asking for. It is becoming increasingly common for companies to underpay their freelancers to save money. This results in editors, proofreaders, and writers working for far less than what they deserve and what will sustain their livelihood.

Furthermore, you need to know about the different types of editing (if you are not already aware) that you may eventually get into. Once you’ve completed the course, you may be surprised to learn that the type of editing you expected to get involved with isn’t the type you want to do. Keep your mind open and pay attention to any information you get about working in each specific field.

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