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What to Include in Your Product Descriptions's six ways to make your product descriptions stand out.

Six things to keep in mind when writing product descriptions

Inklyo's six ways to make your product descriptions stand out. One of the most crucial pieces of content your business needs to feature is product descriptions. If you want someone to buy your product, you need to pitch it and make sure they know why your product is the best choice. Unlike in a store, customers can’t try out the product and discover all its features, so you need to offer this service for them. The best product descriptions will give customers a full view of the product and present the information in an interesting and persuasive way to sell it.

But writing product descriptions is also a skill. What are some ways you can manipulate your writing to persuade your audience?

1. Write with your buyer in mind.

When making a sales pitch in a store or on the phone, you want to make sure that you’re talking to a customer personally, on their level, so they can look at the product from your perspective. In your product descriptions, you need to write as if you’re speaking to the customer in exactly the same way. By addressing your customer directly, you can simulate the same kind of persuasive effect that an in-person sales pitch would have.

2. How will it benefit the buyer?

Customers want to know how your products will make their lives better: What problems will they solve? How will they revolutionize the way I live my life? The more you stress these benefits in the product descriptions, the more inclined customers will feel to buy your products.

3. Write with detail.

Customers can’t read all the instructions, features, and details that are on the label of your product, so you need to provide that information for them on your webpage. Be as specific as possible in your descriptions so that customers will have a full understanding of the product, even when they have never touched it. By including details, customers will feel as if they understand all a product’s features and what it has to offer.

4. Persuade customers through anecdotes.

A great way to persuade your customers to buy your product is to show them how it will benefit their lives. You can include interesting situational descriptions and anecdotes that will make them imagine what it will be like to own the product. Once customers see how the product will positively impact their lives, they will become loyal customers.

5. Feature good reviews.

The best way to reassure your customers of the quality of your product is to feature reviews by other customers. Reviews from people who do not have an interest in profiting from your business are a very credible source for opinions. Many websites, such as, feature comment options so customers can read other opinions of the product to help make the decision about whether to purchase it.

6. Scannable product descriptions

Format a description so it is fast and easy for the customer to scan it. Long, drawn-out paragraphs will bore the reader. Bulleted lists, short sentences, and simple words will help customers absorb the information quickly so they can easily make the decision to place the item in their shopping cart.

Your products need a description so you can properly sell them to your customers online. Descriptions are the substitute for being in a store with the product itself. This content needs to sell the product and make it attractive for customers visiting your website.

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