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Freelance copy editing

What Is Freelance Copy Editing?

Freelance copy editing gives you career freedom You may have heard of an editor, but what is a “copy editor”? The editor of a book or a magazine will decide on writing assignments and then approve the finished work or request alterations from the writer. A copy editor is specifically concerned with the format and […]

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Remote editing jobs

Remote Editing and Remote Editing Jobs

Find out whether remote editing jobs could suit you Many jobs can be done via telecommuting. According to a WorldatWork Telework Trendlines report, 38 percent of U.S. employees who do not telecommute believe their work could be accomplished remotely. Rather than traveling back and forth to work and spending time and money on the commute, […]

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Jobs in editing

Applying for Jobs in Editing

Winning tactics to get jobs in editing Undeniably, there are many opportunities and many different types of jobs in editing. An editing career can take one of many paths and bring you into an exciting field of the media, such as TV production, a national newspaper, film scripts, book publishing, and advertising. There is great […]

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Freelance copy editing jobs

Find Freelance Copy Editing Jobs

EditingCamp explains how to get freelance copy editing jobs with publishers If you have recently qualified in an English language-related course at a university or if you have taken a training course like the one at EditingCamp, you are probably wondering what route to take to find freelance copy editing jobs. If you specifically want […]

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This is a guide to answer the common question: "How do I become an editor?"

How Do I Become an Editor?

A simple guide to becoming an editor Are you wondering “How do I become an editor”? Well, the answer is actually quite simple: the same way you get to Carnegie Hall. Practice, practice, practice! While there is no single educational or occupational path to becoming an editor, those interested in editing as a career tend […]

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Fiction Editing Checklist

The Ultimate Fiction Editing Checklist

Baking is messy. You’ve got a ton of ingredients swirling around your kitchen. There’s flour exploding against the marble countertop, and now there’s some sort of sticky substance on your ceiling. And you could have sworn there was some baking soda at the back of the cupboard, but it’s nowhere to be found. Your non-stick […]

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Writing and editing jobs

Cooperation in Writing and Editing Jobs

EditingCamp explains why writing and editing jobs go hand in hand Writing is a creative pursuit that can earn you an income for expressing yourself. Editing is a precise activity entailing control and imagination. The difference in requirements between writing and editing jobs is clearly definable: the writer must be aware of the editorial requirements […]

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