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5 Tips to Create a Killer Freelance Writer LinkedIn Profile

Most people don’t put in much effort while creating their LinkedIn profiles and freelance writers are among these people. A fully optimized and well-created profile will open a lot of avenues for freelance writers and help them utilize the site to its fullest potential.

Create a well-optimized LinkedIn profile to market yourself and your professional services as a freelance writer and gain clients and a nurturing community while doing so.

In this article, we will show you how to create a killer freelance writer LinkedIn profile that can introduce you to your potential clients, employers, recruiters, and organizations on this renowned site for professionals.

Here are 5 tips for you to follow and implement while framing your LinkedIn profile:

Attract clients with your headline

Your headline is the first thing that people notice in your LinkedIn profile so make sure to frame it effectively. And just as you write job specific resume, you should frame your profile headlines, specific and precise.

Be very particular about what you do and what you can provide as a professional writer. And make sure to mention the word ‘freelance’ to distinguish yourself from full-time job seekers.

Use keywords that can strategically describe who you are and what you do to attract clients in your niche while also making it easier for prospective clients to find you through keyword searches.

Describe your value by mentioning your area of expertise and how it can contribute to the higher goals of an organization. Specify your work experience to add value to your professional profile title.

For instance, if you are a freelance writer who writes on subjects related to tourism, you should mention that specifically in your headline.

Example: Freelance Tourism Writer

Provide your professional headshot

To achieve 9x more connection requests and 21x more LinkedIn profile views, you should provide a professional profile photo.

Considering that LinkedIn is a site for professionals to connect with each other, the profile photo you showcase should also look professional.

One may wonder what a professional headshot should look like and the answer to that is simple. Provide a headshot that has a solid background or something that is not too loud or flashy.

In addition to that, you can update your LinkedIn background picture to reflect your interests or simply highlights your profession as a freelance writer.

Gain recommendations

Get yourself endorsed by gaining recommendations from your clients, employer, colleagues, or friends with whom you are connected on LinkedIn.

Recommendations from others are the testimonial of your professional reputation as it throws light on your worth. It can enhance your profile by making you stand out.

An easy way to begin is by offering to endorse someone you have worked with and asking them to return the favor by endorsing you back.

Make sure to time this endorsement-for-endorsement at least a few months apart as simultaneous endorsements would look fishy and decrease your credibility.

Compose an impactful summary

Give a deeper insight into your professional field by composing an impactful summary for your LinkedIn profile. Make the best use of this feature to describe your profile title.

Your profile summary should give a clear picture of how your professional services can help a prospective client as soon as they land on your profile. It should help them recognize your value.

So, be clear with what you can offer to help them further their business or organizational goals.

Meanwhile, keep your target audience in mind while framing your LinkedIn summary so that you can get across what you want them to know about yourself as a professional freelance writer.

Highlight your work experience

Today a well-created LinkedIn profile works as a substitute for a resume. Some clients even prefer to judge the candidacy of a person by evaluating their LinkedIn profile instead of a run-of-the-mill resume as it provides far better insights that a 1-2 page resume will never fit.

Keeping this in mind, it becomes imperative that you highlight your relevant professional experience in your profile.

Your experience validates the fact that you have the knowledge and expertise in performing the services you are offering.

Any work related to your current profile should be mentioned so that your potential as a freelance writer can be recognized by those interested in your professional services.

Try to use relevant keywords to describe your work as it can help your profile stand higher chances of appearing on search results of others.

Your profile title as a freelance writer in itself is a keyword and using this to describe your work can help your profile pop up when people type for words related to ‘freelance writer’.

While doing so, avoid clumping too much information that may make your professional experience statements seem like a huge heap of unnecessary details.

Keep your professional statements brief and specific and highlight only the most relevant details to showcase your potential.

Key Takeaways

With the end of our article, given below are some points that need to be remembered at all times while creating a killer freelance writer LinkedIn profile:

  • Mention the accurate profile title that reflects your freelance writing skills to attract clients in your niche.
  • Provide a professional headshot that reflects your professional background and interests.
  • Collect recommendations from your connections to build credibility and stand out among other professionals.
  • Compose a brief and precise summary of your professional experience and skills to give an insight into your potential as a freelance writer.

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