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A group of casually dressed freelance writers.

Creating a Great Freelance Writer Team

Establishing a competent and reliable freelancing writing team that will bring in clients and get the job done can be a huge headache. Since freelance writers are technically not employees, ensuring quality, consistency, and timeliness are great concerns for business owners. Choosing the right people is important, and there are certain traits you will want […]

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If your business is looking to increase traffic on your blog, read Inklyo.com's content development tips.

Improve Your Content Development Strategies

The goal of content development is attracting an audience, but this can be difficult to do well. As a content developer, you strive to bring in an audience with your words alone, but you must also use search engine optimization to bring in more traffic. If you’re struggling to keep your audience, you may need […]

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How to Craft a Content Marketing Mission Statement

In theory, content marketing is the perfect form of promotion. It’s affordable, effective, entertaining, and educational. There’s just one problem. It takes a lot of effort. Content marketing, as John Buscall once said, is a commitment, not a campaign. Joe Pulizzi, a seasoned content evangelist with the Content Marketing Institute, said a similar thing last […]

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Four Qualities to Look For in a Content Writer

Content marketing is a critical component of any web or social media strategy. As such, don’t you think it’s time your company started to produce quality content . . . or found someone who could do it for you? Content marketing, the kind that catches eyes, minds, and hearts, takes more than words. While anyone […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy

Using content as part of a marketing strategy requires time, expertise, planning, and proper management. Don’t produce bad content. Plan for the publication and distribution of unique, relevant, and engaging content through the implementation of a content strategy. What is a content strategy? There are a number of definitions for content marketing floating around the […]

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What To Look For in a Chief Content Officer

Creating and managing content within a company is a big job. Now, more than ever, brands need to make clients and customers smarter about their product, service, organization, and how they do business. Traditionally, this job falls on the shoulder of the marketing and promotions department. Eager to get word out about their company, these […]

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