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Do I Have to Attend a University to Do an Editing Course?

Do I Have to Attend a University to Do an Editing Course?

There is an alternative path to taking a college editing course

Do I Have to Attend a University to Do an Editing Course?Publishing is an old and learned vocation, and the academic route to editing has been established over the hundreds of years of the profession’s existence. In the past, you had to be within the ivy-clad walls of a university to take an editing class, but the industry has moved on. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to give up years of earning potential to take an editing course, and you do not need to go to university to become an editor.

University courses

The traditional route to becoming an editor is to get a degree in an English subject, such as English literature, or a more specific subject, such as American literature or journalism. As the number of English-related university courses expanded, a wider range of specialized courses became available. However, despite the exciting learning opportunities these courses offer, they are not suitable for everyone. Not everyone can give up the opportunity to earn money to take an editing course at a university for four years. The prospect of paying tuition fees and buying textbooks and equipment also bars many from taking a university’s editing course. The costs and loss of income mean that university study is still a luxury available only to some.


Not everyone lives in a large town with community colleges a short bus ride away. Those living in a big city like New York, London, or Toronto could enroll in a part-time editing course or night school at a nearby school to learn while they earn. However, if your town is too small for these educational opportunities, you are left with two options: giving up work and moving to a faraway university or giving up your dream of becoming an editor.

The Internet

So you don’t have thousands of dollars to enroll in a university, you need to pay the rent and support the family, and you live in the middle of nowhere. What chance do you have of taking an editing course? Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, there is a solution to that dilemma. You can take a university editing course without having to actually go to the university. As long as you have an Internet connection in your home, you can enroll in a part-time distance learning course.

Professional training

Some see universities as too out of touch with the real world. After observing rapid changes in technology in your daily life, you may feel a three-year course could be out of date before you even finish it. Fortunately, publishing houses and editorial services now offer their own courses. This means you can take an editing course from a company that knows the daily issues involved in editing. Companies engaged in editing shape changes in the industry, so an editing course from an editing company will adapt quickly to the changing requirements of the job.

An excellent example of an experienced editing company that also offers training is This company is one of the oldest online editing services, and they have now applied their editing expertise to the development of an online training course. You can benefit from’s extensive experience by taking an editing course at its training school, EditingCamp.

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