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What to Expect From a Proofreading Course

What to Expect From a Proofreading Course

What to Expect From a Proofreading Course Taking a proofreading course is an entirely new experience compared with any other kind of class. The expectations are different, and the format of the course feels much more relaxed than others if you’re taking it online. If you’re worried about what to expect from a proofreading course and what will be expected from you, then read on to assuage your fears.

Time management

When you take a proofreading course online that lets you go at your own pace, you have to learn how to manage your time well. You won’t have someone telling you when each lesson needs to be completed. You’ll have to ensure you do that yourself within an appropriate schedule, particularly if your proofreading course has a time limit on the subscription.

If you aren’t in the habit of using a day planner and scheduling time for tasks, it may be time to start. This is a good lesson to learn from your proofreading course, particularly if you want to make editing your career. You’ll need to know how to manage your time appropriately for deadlines if you work as a proofreader from home.

Prepare for quizzes

What would a learning experience be without methods to test your knowledge? Just because a proofreading course is online doesn’t mean you won’t have quizzes. Expect a few here and there to ensure you have learned what you’ve been taught in the lessons. Don’t be intimidated by these. Most courses have features like games and other learning tools to help you learn and retain knowledge. All these quizzes do is make sure you are getting the most from the proofreading course so you’re as prepared as possible for your future editing job.

Learning the symbols

Like almost anything else, proofreading has a technical language. This comes in the form of proofreading symbols you’ll need to use on the job. These are important for helping you communicate your message and your edits to the next person who reads the copy. In some cases, this person may even be you, returning to the copy to make the edits.

Information on the business

The last thing you want is to be thrown into the world of professional proofreading without any knowledge of how the business itself works. A good proofreading course will help prepare you for that. You’ll get knowledge on the inner workings of the business from people who have been in it for years.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of different editing options so that when it comes time to decide between freelancing and working in-house, you’ll know the pros and cons of either option. You’ll also learn what is expected of you as a proofreader. Of course, each company expects different specific responsibilities from their editors, proofreaders, and writers, based on the style or genre. With your proofreading course, you’ll be given the tools you need to follow any expectations required.

Testing your grammar

If you’re hoping to become a proofreader, you must have a solid foundation in grammar. The proofreading course should (and will) test your grammar skills. You’ll learn the rules you need to know to be a good proofreader. At times, you may find this task challenging, complicated, and convoluted. A good proofreading course will prepare you so that the rules become easy and second nature. It is best if you have some kind of foundation in the rules of grammar before starting your proofreading course.

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